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Scoop Magazine

Front and back cover design

I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate the front and back cover of Scoop Magazine for their FUTURE 

issue which came out in December 2019. The project was a big deal for me as I've wanted to illustrate a Scoop cover since I was an undergrad at Falmouth uni.

Back in mid lock down I found myself with some spare time and decided to illustrate a mock cover to send to the team at Scoop. Months later, I heard back from them with a commission for a real cover! I'm super pleased with how it turned out. 


I started off by gathering some inspiration online of futuristic cities, flying cars and robots to inspire the artwork. I quickly started sketching out some rough compositions which I later tidied up into a final line drawing I made in photoshop. Once the design was approved, I began on the final artwork which took me around 5 days per side. Unfortunately they decided to lose the flying cars but overall I was really pleased with the final result. I love seeing my work in print!